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  • Discover a Secret Garden

    Discover a Secret Garden

    Strolling down Main Street, you may have noticed a recent addition to the newly renovated building at 122 North Main Street.  Now the home of Willow and Waves Salon, owned by Gretchen Amrein, who is a native of Harford County, the building not only received an updated façade but also includes the latest addition to Bel Air’s public art collection.   Aptly named, “Secret Garden,” the full south wall of the building now bursts with a variety of vibrant, larger-than-life flowers that stand out against its charcoal gray backdrop. Ms. Amrein wanted to breathe life into the entrance to her parking area and to the block that is home to her new salon.  She and artist Marshall Adams, who has completed other murals in the Town of Bel Air, worked together to design the piece to match her vision.  During the planning process, Gretchen approached the Town of Bel Air Cultural Arts Commission for its feedback on the design and to request a sponsorship to help offset the cost of the project.  As a part of its mission, the Cultural Arts Commission supports the addition of public art in Town and gladly contributed toward making this project possible.  Gretchen noted that the mural has gotten a lot of attention from pedestrians both while Marshall was painting and now that it is complete.  Photo opps are exactly what Gretchen had in mind when she envisioned the piece, and she is …Read More »

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