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    Be a Creator

    You don’t have to look far to see the positive effects that are being created in the arts community as we face the COVID-19 global pandemic.  We are seeing a multitude of instructional videos, live musical performances, author readings, virtual museum and gallery tours and so much more that are inspiring our communities and helping us to feel hopeful and connected even in a time of social distancing.  Experiencing art in any form can reduce anxiety and create opportunities for social connection (even when we are distancing).  With all the resources available to us on-line, now is a great time to tour a gallery, study an artist, read a classic, or watch a virtual musical or theatrical performance.  Taking an active role in an artistic endeavor can also be a great way to remove yourself temporarily from the stress we are experiencing globally and in our own communities.  It can be a great distraction that allows you to focus simply on creating. Whether you decide to spend an hour drawing, coloring in a coloring book, playing an instrument, writing, or creating a wonderful meal, you’re likely to find creating very therapeutic.  Encourage those in your household, young and old, to join you as making art is a way to express yourself without necessarily having to come up with the words for …Read More »

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