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  • Welcome to REB Records

    Welcome to REB Records

    We are so excited to welcome REB Records to Armory Marketplace.  From rock to R&B to country, you can find just about anything you are looking for (and maybe some albums you didn’t even know you needed to have!) at REB Records. A partnership between two high school friends and Harford County residents, the vision for REB Records came to life through a decades-long passion for music. The business started a year ago with the purchase of a collection of over 20,000 vinyl records.  After months of selling on-line, the partners were selected for a space in Armory Marketplace to launch their dream of a downtown Bel Air record store. The vision for REB Records is to create a destination music store and grow a place of community where people of all ages can share their appreciation for music and discover old favorites or newly available vinyl.  In addition, the store will offer cassettes, DVDs and equipment. REB Records will cater to analog enthusiasts who have been collecting vinyl for years and also to teenagers who are discovering vinyl and analog for the very first time. A wide variety of items are available for sale and with the breadth of …Read More »

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